Triwizard Tournament (AR)

Picture of the triwizard tournament cup trophy

Triwizard Tournament

(Accelerated Reader School-wide Contest)
The Triwizard Tournament at Gadsden Middle School is a competition between the three grade levels (6th, 7th, and 8th) for points earned through the Accelerated Reader Program. Every nine weeks, students will qualify by reaching their AR point goal given by their reading teacher.  The student with the most AR points in each grade will be awarded a gift card.  The bulletin board across from the media center will also show the progress of each student in the top 15 of each grade.

  • Students are expected to read challenging, age appropriate trade books with a minimum grade level of 4.0.
  • All students must earn at least one-half of the suggested number of points in the AR program, but are encouraged to reach their AR goal each 9 weeks.
  • A grade of 100 points will be earned each 9 weeks simply by meeting these requirements.
  • Grades will be based on the percentage of points earned.