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Ms. Natascha Lewis

6th-Grade Reading Teacher |

Ms. Lewis has been teaching at Gadsden Middle School since 2015. In addition to reaching her students in the classroom, she enjoys many other duties within the Gadsden City School System. Ms. Lewis has been teaching English language arts, English as a second language, and reading at area schools since 2007. She holds a bachelor of science degree in secondary education and is certified and highly qualified in English language arts. Ms. Lewis has five grown and very talented children and eight adorable grandchildren: Herschel (Katrice) have a daughter and a son (MarLee Blyss & Hendrix); Eltoinne has four sons and one daughter (Jigga, Jay, Cam, Eilan, & Jordan); NaTaysia (Michael) have one daughter (Jenesis); David is a musician, lyricist, and entertainer; and Apryl is pursuing a BS in early childhood education. Ms. Lewis loves to sing, read, write, watch sports, travel, and spend time with her family. She believes that her purpose in this life is to make sure that her students realize the value of education and that they can be as successful as they want to be if they put in the effort.